Hand function is essential for everyday life and management of hand problems is complex. Surgery can be beneficial in improving pain and function, caused by injury, over-use or inherited conditions. Mr Kandamany is highly trained in hand and wrist surgery and works closely with our hand therapy team to maximise your function and surgical recovery.

Carpal tunnel release

The carpal tunnel is a passageway through the wrist carrying tendons and one of the hands major nerves. Pressure on the nerve within the tunnel causes a tingling sensation in the hand, often accompanied by numbness, aching, and impaired hand function. This is known as carpal tunnel syndrome. Surgery of the carpal tunnel aims to release pressure by removing tissue that is pressing on the nerve.

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Cubital tunnel release

The cubital tunnel is a passageway near the elbow carrying one of the arms major nerves. Pressure or compression on the nerve results in weakness in your hand as well as tingling and pain. A decompression operation at the elbow can help improve your symptoms.

Ganglion removal

Ganglions are synovial fluid cysts that form in the fingers/hands/wrists that can be painful and unsightly. A simple surgical procedure can quickly and efficiently remove these cysts.

Joint replacement/fusion

Osteoarthritis (wear and tear) of the finger and wrist joints can be debilitating, causing pain and gradual loss of function. If you have exhausted medical treatment, surgery in the form of an artificial finger joint, joint fusion or trapeziectomy may relieve pain and in many instances restore function of the hand.

Trigger finger release

Trigger finger is a common condition causing stiffness and locking of your fingers due to the tendon lining’s inflammation, resulting in pain and loss of function. A simple release of your tendon can be quickly achieved under local anaesthetic with minimal downtime.

Fasciectomy for Dupuytren’s Disease

Dupuytren’s disease is a very common genetic condition leading to thickening in the soft tissue of the palm and fingers. This can lead to lumps on the palm and contractures of the fingers, causing loss of function. Surgery to remove the Dupuytrens tissue can help improve contractures and maximise the range of movement of the hand.

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Hand injuries/fractures/tendon repair

Hand injuries are extremely common, and you may require repair of fractures, tendons, nerve and arteries to restore the hands functionality. A variety of procedures can be performed to help you return to your everyday activities.

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