Facial surgery is one of the most challenging aspects of Plastic Surgery, and requires a carefully tailored approach, that considers your personal goals. Mr Kandamany is highly trained in this area and will discuss with you what is reasonably and safely achievable as well as what you can expect from your procedure.

Face lift

Natural ageing results in sagging skin around the cheeks and jaw. A facelift can reduce this sagging and is often combined with a neck lift to provide a better definition of the jawline. Facial muscles may be surgically tightened to improve tone. Excess fat may also be removed or repositioned as part of the surgery.

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(eyelid skin reduction)

A blepharoplasty removes excess sagging skin on the upper and/or lower eyelids, creating a fresher, more youthful appearance, and eliminating ‘bags’ under the eye.

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(prominent ear correction)

Otoplasty alters the shape, size and projection of the ears and is most commonly performed for children with excessively protruding ears. It can also be performed for older patients for reconstruction after injury, or for cosmetic reasons.

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(fat transfer/fat grafting)

Fat transfer or fat grafting is a procedure that improves the body’s contours and proportion by removing fat from one or more areas and injecting the fat into another area to add volume and reshape specific areas of the body. Common areas treated with fat injection are the face, buttocks and breasts to reconstruct contour problems often seen after weight loss, accidents or previous surgery.

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Facial palsy correction

There are a variety of procedures designed to achieve facial symmetry after damage to the nerves of the face, which can cause an unbalanced facial appearance. These procedures can range from simple to very complex and are tailored to individual patients.

Neck lift

This procedure aims to improve the profile of the jawline and reduce excess skin. It is often combined with a facelift and/or liposuction of a ‘double chin’.

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(nose job)

Rhinoplasty is designed to reshape or repair the nose by improving the appearance and/or function of the nose. Another procedure associated with rhinoplasty and often performed at the same time is septoplasty, a procedure that opens nasal passages blocked by a bent septum.

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Brow lift

Also known as a forehead lift or rejuvenation, this procedure lifts the brow to create a more youthful appearing forehead and area around the eyes. It can help with a low, sagging brow and can be performed as a standalone procedure or combined with other facial procedures.

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Chin implant

A chin implant can be used to enhance a weak chin to achieve a more harmonious look to the face. Sometimes, a Specialist Plastic Surgeon will recommend chin surgery to a patient having nose surgery to achieve facial proportion, as the size of the chin may magnify or minimise the perceived size of the nose.

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